What Is 'The Next Right Thing' About?

    Sarah Freeman produced ‘The Next Right Thing’ video to  help people fight cravings. These cravings may be for alcohol… food…  obsessing… drugs… food… gambling… or anything else you need to stop doing. People in 12-STEP programs will be more familiar with the content, but others may also find it helpful.

    No More Bedtime Blues!

    Our bedtime products have a proven track record. They help you or your angel unwind… relax… and fall asleep safely and naturally.  They relieve insomnia and reduce the incidence of nightmares and night terrors. They help you fall asleep thinking happy thoughts… and wake up feeling happier!

    Revolutionary Driving Product
    Want to conquer driving anxiety? Want to release your pent-up work stress… while you drive home from work? Want to have more fun driving your truck? A combination of mindfulness… affirmations… humor… music… and other patent-pending techniques help you do ALL that!
    Age-appropriate Options
    Our products feature narratives… created with world-renown experts… set to soothing background music. Each product has two to three narratives that utilize techniques clinically proven for their target age group.  They are popular in homes, hospitals, and daycare centers all over the world!
    What’s Next?
    We created the first relaxation tapes for kids in 1994. We just released the first patent-pending stress-reduction product… that you listen to while driving! Now we’re working with hip-hop artists, 12-steppers, rappers and classical musicians… to create our next unique product. Stay tuned
    Best-practices Relaxation Music
    Our bedtime narratives are beautifully orchestrated with relaxation compositions featuring strings, guitar, wind chimes, flutes, waves and crickets. These compositions… written and produced according to best practices for relaxation music… feature musicians from all over the world.
    Hospital Friendly
    Patients in hospitals are more sensitive to certain things. Our products were edited… by hospital experts… to make sure they are appropriate for medical use. They are used in numerous hospitals to help patients sleep… reduce anxiety… reduce nausea and pain… and accelerate healing.
    Feel More Confident

    Does your child have separation anxiety? Do YOU get anxious during the day? Would you like to improve your performance? In addition to helping people relax and fall asleep… our products teach listeners techniques clinically proven to help their target age group reduce daytime stress & anxiety.

    Autism, ADD, Separation Anxiety
    Our products are popular with therapists, teachers, school counselors, and parents who work with kids on the spectrum and kids with separation anxiety or ADD/ADHD.  Our blog (under construction) features articles and cheat-sheets to help therapist and parents who work with these populations.

    Expert Testimonials

    Within one week of listening to ‘Rainbows and Sunshine’ my anxious 7-year old patient was having no problem at all getting to sleep!
    Dr. Patricia B. Wolff - Executive Director Meds for Kids, St. Louis, MO.

    I use ‘Waves and Light’ with adult clients… it is amazing!
    Dr. Laura Domasneau - Michigan Modern Psychology.

    I not only recommend these CD s for my patients but with my family as well. My children ages 1½ , 3, and 4 are both relaxed and engaged by listening to them. The content is therapeutic, relaxing, and age appropriate.
    Dr. Tamera Palmer - Milford, MA

    I highly recommend these CDs to parents! They are well produced with age-appropriate techniques and soothing background music.
    Dr Daniel Kohen - Peditircian, Researcher, Author

    ‘The Swan and The Mermaid’ is very gentle and soothing. I use it for many applications in my practice, including helping kids fall asleep, ease their fears, or just to relax.
    Dr. James J. Crist - Child Psychologist and Author

    All of your CDs are great! I really like the Swan and the Mermaid, and have used it during sessions with my young ADD clients.”
    Dr Amy Ford - Dayspring Behavioral Health, Seattle WA

    Don't Be Shy