Clinician’s Corner

    As Hippocrates wrote, “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

    This is mind-body medicine in a nutshell. Other pediatricians, interns, and practitioners, psychologists and ABA therapists are embracing Airy Melody healing/relaxation CDs/MP3s and we hope you will too.

    We worked closely with several leading psychologists and doctors to develop our products.

    The narratives on our products are age appropriate, hospital friendly, and use the latest clinically-proven mind-body techniques. Dr. Daniel Kohen, an award-winning author, leading researcher, and pediatric health expert, was instrumental in reviewing our CD’s and making final adjustments.

    ‘Waves and Light’ is a great tool and I recommend it to all my clients! It really helps them relax and foster their recovery.

    Dr Sharon Glynn

    Director of Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, West Palm Beach, FL

    We offer free downloads and cheat sheets for a variety of therapeutic circumstances:

    Our relaxation/healing products feature techniques clinically proven to accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

    Therapists – Airy Melody Music now offers a revolutionary, patent-pending product that can be used to help your patients reduce driving anxiety… while they are driving!

    I highly recommend these soothing recordings to all my patients’ parents. They are well produced, with age-appropriate imagery and peaceful music.

    Dr. Daniel P. Kohen M.D.,

    Pediatrician, Professor, Award-winning author and children's mind-body researcher.

    How to share these CDs/MP3s with your patients

    If you wish to offer these therapeutic tools to your patients or their parents you can:

    • Suggest they Google ‘airy melody’
    • Give them an informational card about our CDs. Email us for free postcards
    • Purchase our CDs at wholesale prices so you can sell them or give them to patients.

    Within one week of listening to ‘Rainbows and Sunshine’ my anxious 7-year old patient was having no problem at all getting to sleep!

    Dr. Patricia B. Wolff, M.D

    Executive Director Meds & Food for Kids, St. Louis, MO.