Guided meditations for kids: Rainbows And Sunshine (AGES 6-11)

    Rainbows and Sunshine guided meditations for kids

    Stress-proof your child with three guided meditations for kids that teach him techniques he can use in the daytime…  while helping him relax and fall asleep at bedtime!

    ** Versão em Inglês do  ‘Arco-Iris E O Sol Brilhante (6 À 11 Anos)’ **

    Ages: 6 to 11, or older for some children with autism

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    Rainbows (21:37) – A bedtime guided-meditation story with relaxation songs

    Rainbows is a delightful bedtime story… children unwind and drift into dreamland…  thinking happy thoughts… and wake up in a better mood!

    The soothing string and string music… playing peacefully in the background… helps lull kids into an even more relaxed state.

    Sunshine – A relaxation narrative for bedtime/daytime use

    Sunshine guides children through children age-appropriate healing/relaxation healing techniques. These techniques have been clinically proven to help kids:

    This narrative is set to Pamela’s Paradise, a relaxation composition featuring flutes, wind chimes, strings, and waves.

    Blanket of Light Stress Buster (5:37) bedtime/daytime

    This short stress-buster narrative is set to waves and acoustic classical guitar. It will not wake your child up if he is asleep, but it can be used during  the day to reduce stress.

    Used on the transplant floor at Boston Children’s Hospital… and by ABA therapists to help kids with autism and ADD learn have a calm body.

    guided meditations for kids

    People use this recording to:

    • Fall asleep more easily
    • Wake up less during the night
    • Reduce anxiety
    • Use less pain medication
    • Heal more quickly
    • Learn to have a calm body (good tool to aid in ABA therapy)
    • Learn to reduce daytime stress.


    When to use:

    • Play this at bedtime… and relax while your cherub happily slips into a peaceful slumber
    • Use this as a natural sleep aid..  for children with ADD.. autism… anxiety… and acute/chronic illness
    • In an ABA session or in class to teach calm body
    • In the school nurse’s office for kids with chronic anxiety or illness
    • In the hospital during chemotherapy or other medical procedures
    • To stop night waking including nightmares and night terrors
    • Listen to track three in the car on the way to a big test, game, or recital
    • Use track two to teach your child simple stress-reduction techniques to combat childhood stress
    • On vacation to make bedtime easy!
    • Start playing this for your child two weeks before surgery, deployment of a parent, or surgery for the child’s sibling.
    • Let your child listen to this while the orthodontist is installing her braces!


    Worked Wonders!!! I got these for my 5 year old granddaughter. They worked like magic, helping her settle down at bedtime, not waking up several times at night! The music, stories and soothing voice are magnificent.

    Patty L. McClung, Mother and Grandmother, Centennial, CO. USA

    JOB TITLE:: Super Grandma!! Thanks to Super Grandma ... 5-year granddaughter now goes to sleep easily... and sleeps all night!!