Happy Driving reduces driving anxiety .. alleviates pent-up stress… while you drive!

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a proven method to reduce anxiety about driving…. alleviate pent-up job stress… and do it while you drive your car or truck? WELL…THERE IS! This  patent pending tool is packed with techniques to eliminate stress and anxiety… while you drive!

    These techniques include:

    • Mindfulness
    • Thought re-framing
    • Breathing
    • Background music from all over the world
    • Affirmations
    • Songs
    • Humor

    How Happy Driving uses these techniques to alleviate driving stress and anxiety

    It makes driving fun! Your passengers will appreciate it too!

    Arrive at YOUR next destination feeling calmer and rejuvenated!

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    Try it! ‘Happy Driving’ reduced my anxiety about driving by 100%!

    Amazing! I left work feeling really stressed and anxious… actually felt better when I got home, even after driving through Boston rush-hour traffic. Especially great for people like me, who suffer from anxiety about driving.

    Angela Dudley

    ABA Therapist

    I was skeptical at first about listening to stress-reduction recording while driving … but I am SO glad I tried ‘Happy Driving’!

    This CD really helps me calm down on my long commute… even after a stressful day at work! I am amazed at how well it works! It really helps me focus on mindfulness while driving.

    Norman Gross

    .Principal Simulation Engineer

    Scripts written/performed by Sarah Freeman

    Musicians/composers for background music and songs:

    • Welcome to Happy Driving (2:09) : Weeping Willow (Infantino)
    • Breathe (4:07) : Twilight Comes (T. J. Marino/V. Marino) |Peaceful Ruminations  (Marino/Marino) 
    • Let Life Happnen (1:57) : Baby Needs New Shoes (Haene)
    • Intro to Driving Affirmations (:38) :  La Nuit (Graham)
    • Driving Affirmations (5:48 ) : La Nuit (Graham) | My One True Love (Graham)
    • PT Blues (Freeman) (3:20) :  Paul Zutrau: bass/guitar/drum programming… Meg Flannagan: vocals
    • Let Everything Be Fine (4:46) : Gathering Peace (Adams) |St. James Infirmary (Infantino)
    • Intro to No Big Hurry (:28) : Mosey Along (Tametta)
    • No Big Hurry (2:50) : Mosey Along (Tametta)
    • Gonna Lighten Up  (Freeman) (3:37) :  Jay Kegan: drums… Claude Fiixler: guitar/bass…   Meg Flannigan: vocals
    • I Choose Peace (3:22) : Healing (Goudreau)
    • Smile (2:02) :  Rooster Strut (Tammetta)
    • Thanks Paul (:30) : (Bach) performed by Paul Zutrau
    • Paul’s Serenade (2:48) : (Bach) performed by Paul Zutrau