Happy Driving Stress-Reduction  

    reduce anxiety about driving

    Try it! ‘Happy Driving’ reduced my anxiety about driving by 100%!

    Amazing! I left work feeling really stressed and anxious… actually felt better when I got home, even after driving through Boston rush-hour traffic. Especially great for people like me, who suffer from anxiety about driving.

    Angela Dudley

    ABA Therapist

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a proven method to;  alleviate pent-up job stress… reduce anxiety about driving…. and it worked while you drive your car or truck? WELL…THERE IS!

    Happy Driving Stress Reduction is a revolutionary tool by Airy Melody Music.

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    This  patent pending tool is packed with techniques to eliminate stress and anxiety… and do it while you drive!

    These techniques include:

    • Mindfulness
    • Thought re-framing
    • Breathing
    • Background music from all over the world
    • Affirmations
    • Songs
    • Humor

    It makes driving fun! Your passengers will appreciate it too!

    Arrive at YOUR next destination feeling calmer and rejuvenated!

    I was skeptical at first about listening to stress-reduction recording while driving … but I am SO glad I tried ‘Happy Driving’!

    This CD really helps me calm down on my long commute… even after a stressful day at work! I am amazed at how well it works! It really helps me focus on mindfulness while driving.

    Norman Gross

    .Principal Simulation Engineer

    Scripts written/performed by Sarah Freeman

    Musicians/composers for background music and songs:

    • Welcome to Happy Driving (2:09) : Weeping Willow (Infantino)
    • Breathe (4:07) : Twilight Comes (T. J. Marino/V. Marino) |Peaceful Ruminations  (Marino/Marino) 
    • Let Life Happnen (1:57) : Baby Needs New Shoes (Haene)
    • Intro to Driving Affirmations (:38) :  La Nuit (Graham)
    • Driving Affirmations (5:48 ) : La Nuit (Graham) | My One True Love (Graham)
    • PT Blues (Freeman) (3:20) :  Paul Zutrau: bass/guitar/drum programming… Meg Flannagan: vocals
    • Let Everything Be Fine (4:46) : Gathering Peace (Adams) |St. James Infirmary (Infantino)
    • Intro to No Big Hurry (:28) : Mosey Along (Tametta)
    • No Big Hurry (2:50) : Mosey Along (Tametta)
    • Gonna Lighten Up  (Freeman) (3:37) :  Jay Kegan: drums… Claude Fiixler: guitar/bass…   Meg Flannigan: vocals
    • I Choose Peace (3:22) : Healing (Goudreau)
    • Smile (2:02) :  Rooster Strut (Tammetta)
    • Thanks Paul (:30) : (Bach) performed by Paul Zutrau
    • Paul’s Serenade (2:48) : (Bach) performed by Paul Zutrau