My computer got too hot because I had too many Microsoft Explorer windows open. I wonder if the same thing would happen if I left five Firefox windows open? Perhaps I will try that experiment and get back to you.

The reason this would be an interesting experiment is that it would be comparing two different sets of software, one produced by kindly volunteers, and one produced… well, by Microsoft.

So the only difference, when running this experiment on your computer, would be the software! Or, as my husband might say, “You can’t blame the hardware for this one, Dear!”

Anyway, to get more information I asked a very intelligent analog engineer WHICH parts of the computer were being overexerted: the CPU, the memory, or the interfaces between them? After a short, illuminating discussion I gleaned the following:


1. The is the first explanation:

Having a lot (5) of Explorer windows open at the same time actually made my computer too hot. Who knew that teeny tiny instructions scrambling around inside a computer could actually cause the computer to generate that much heat?

2. This is an explanation of the second explanation:

The second explanation would take TONS of research, and would be very complex to explain. This is because there is a line that you cross that causes you to go from explaining things in a simple manner to explaining things in a very COMPLEX manner. Because it would have to be detail-oriented. Because some people think it is fun to think about these sorts of things…

After all, it is like you are presenting a puzzle! And most people like to think about puzzles to some degree, although people enjoy very different types of puzzles. Still, adults, children, and even pets like to figure things out!