3 Self Esteem Games For Children – Fishy Fish, Presents and The Blanket Game

    Playing pretend games with children can be a very fun and special thing to do. Self esteem games for children can help children feel special and loved.. AND they are fun!  Among all of the pretend games I have played with children, here are three of my favorite self esteem games for children

    Fishy fish is a great self esteem game for  kids who love the water! It can also be adapted if you don’t have a swimming pool or lake handy.

    Fishy fish evolved when I took my two daughters and two nieces to the lake in Upton. We did this most days when my nieces visited us in the summer because it was their favorite thing to do. It is one of my favorite things to do too!  It would start with all of us in the lake in the shallow end.  I used to swim up to them, ‘capture’ them, and take them to a big rock on the shore. Then I would say, “Now you wait here, while I get some more fishy fish for you to play with!”

    Of course, the captured fish would swim away while I caught the NEXT fishy fish.  I would take the newly-captured fish to the rock, explaining, “Wait till you meet the nice fishy fish I caught for you to play with!** She’s waiting at the rock!”

    After reaching the rock, I said, “Oh dear! Where did the OTHER fishy fish go. Now YOU wait here while get some more fishy fish…” And so on!

    Playing like this can be a way of showing children that you love and value them.

    Another simple self esteem games is The present

    Simply have your child curl up in a ball, and pretend she is wrapped up as a present. Then you can unwrap him, and ooo and ah over your luck at receiving such a special gift!

    Another popular game at my house is The Blanket Game

    The blanket game is a great transition game when parents come to pick their child up at your house. When the parent arrives, they will find a bunch of ‘blanket lumps’. Each lump has at least one child, and maybe a dog, cat or guinea pig if the child is holding one in their lap. The parent has to locate their child by tapping a lump on the head.  Of course they will often guess wrong to make it more fun.

    But when they DO uncover their own child it is another chance to be SO happy to have uncovered their child.

    This game can also make transitions go more smoothly. It is not uncommon for children to behave all day at someone else’s house or daycare, and then fall apart when their parent comes to get them.

    What all of these games have in common is they are a little silly. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly with your child… a little silliness can go a long way!

    Even as you read this, there are millions of pretend games going on in the world with people willing to be just a little bit silly with kids. Join in the fun!


    ** I admit, I did NOT say with “whom you can play”. Sometimes, that is a little too much, even if you do live outside of Boston.