How to Fix the Edit Generated Media Vegas Movie Studio 14 on Windows 10

    Surprise (not really)! Microsoft 10 installed an unsolicited update on my computer and Edit Generated Media stopped working!  I have been Microsofted again!

    So if you can not find your Edit Generated Media window try this:

    1. Right click the windows task bar at bottom of screen to open the following window
      (TIP: Be sure to click the windows task bat, NOT the task bar at the bottom of Vegas)
    2. If Lock the taskbar is selected, turn it off


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    What if air traffic control programs had the same quality control as Microsoft?

    I used to write computer programs. It was fun; I worked on speech recognition, and Germany’s air traffic control system. One thing about air traffic control systems is you can’t pull a Microsoft, you know, and release an air-traffic-control product with lots of bugs. You can’t say,

    “Oh, you need a reboot! Just turn your plane off and back on again, I’m sure THAT will make the radar track the plane correctly! Now excuse me, I have to go give some medical advice….

    When I first started buying computer programs it was music software for my DOS computer. I bought a lot of music software, as it was developed in Boston, near where I lived. You could into Boston and hear the developers speak about their MIDI software. The great thing about MIDI is that it works the same on ALL devices!

    Back then, you could actually call engineers who worked on the programs and ask them questions. They took pride in their work, and wanted it to work for you! I was sorry to see that change.